Derek Kitchen

Get Involved

Do you live in Utah's State Senate District 2?

After you've confirmed that you live in the district, make sure you are registered to vote! Voter registration is easy, and can be done online if you are a US citizen, and will be 18 or older on or before the next election. 


Campaigns depend on the generous donation of time from passionate and active voters. Knock on doors, distribute literature, and hand out yard signs. Contact Sierra McNeil to find how you can help, or fill out this form so we can contact you with volunteer opportunities.

Become A Delegate

Delegates are party officials that vote in their party nominations. This means they get to choose who the party candidate is for primary and general elections. 

The process is pretty simple.

1. You'll attend your neighborhood caucus on Tuesday, March 20.

2. During you precinct caucus, say you want to run as a delegate 

3. Bring a neighbor or two to vote for you

4. If you win, attend the Salt Lake County Democratic Party Convention on Saturday, April 14 from 9AM to 3PM. It will be hosted at Brighton High School, 2220 Bengal Blvd, Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121.


You can find your caucus information here. The four locations within State Senate District 2 are: 

HD24 6:00 PM Ensign Elementary 775 12th Ave 600 N

HD25 6:30 PM Emerson Elementary 1017 Harrison Ave S

HD26 6:30 PM Mountain View Elementary 1380 Navajo St

HD28 6:30 PM Clayton Jr. High School 1471 South 1800 East